Four Interesting & Inviting Restaurants In Union South Carolina

Four Interesting & Inviting Restaurants In Union South Carolina

Get ready to discover four of Union SC’s finest establishments. We already looked at Gene’s Fine Foods in the last piece about places of interest in the city. You need to know some more great places to eat to fill out your vacation time. You know there are going to be some wonderful establishments in Union City, South Carolina. Enjoy delicious meals at these four restaurants.

Elle Bell Cafe is one great place to visit, and it is located at 111 West Main Street. Reviews say that you can get a great frappe there. Elle Bell Cafe is a coffee shop, not a restaurant, but it is a cool place to start. We can look at some traditional restaurants next. Enjoy your cup of joe, latte, frappe and even lavender lemonade. Does that sound like a plan?

Fresh Seafood on Main is another great place in Union SC. It is located at 200 South Gadberry Street, and it is not only known for fresh fish but a whole lot more. Order up alligator, oysters, frog legs, shrimp, scallops and all kinds of fresh seafood. If you have a seafood craving, there is no other spot that tops Fresh Seafood on Main in the city of Union SC.

Dawkins Restaurant is located at 411 South Pickney Street, and it is known for down home southern country cooking at its finest. Additionally, reviews say that you can eat some really healthy meals there, too. That is really interesting because save for a vegetable plate with cornbread, I don’t usually picture southern country cooking as being healthy. Still, Dawkins Restaurant is one of the favorites in the area, and I think it sounds delicious.

El Poblano is a wonderful place to stop in for a meal, too. It is located at 504 North Duncan Bypass, and it is very popular. Reviews say that the parking lot can be quite full and even overflowing, so keep that in mind. When you are in Union SC and want some Mexican food, however, El Poblano is the place.

Have some great meals at these exceptional restaurants. Union SC is a small and beautiful city with great places to visit and very inviting restaurants. You will enjoy your dining experiences at these four locations. Pick from seafood, Mexican cuisine, southern country cooking and of course an awesome coffee shop. Have a wonderful stay in the city of Union, South Carolina.

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